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Welcome to Noboribetsu!

 Noboribetsu is widely known and appreciated as a  Hokkaido's top-grade "onsen" (hot spring) resort, located in  the south-west of the prefecture sitting on the part of majestic mountains "Shikotsu-Toya National Park".

What's special about Noboribetsu?

 noboribetsu  Japan's most known "onsen" (hot spring) with 9 different minerals in close proximity to untouched beautiful natural surroundings.

 noboribetsu  Easy access from everywhere to the unique and majestic views in a Hokkaido country town.

 noboribetsu  Dairy farming and fishery with quality in the extremely fortunate natural environment.

satsunai Noboribetsu city of approx. 50,000 in population hosts over 3 million annual visitors from across the country and around the globe. The vibrant city is renowned for its hot spring resort, fun amusement parks, as well as fresh seafood. Tourism is the largest industry and we also have grown as a commuter city to our neighbor, Muroran, a heavy industry center in Hokkaido. Noboribetsu is willing to accommodate and entertain you with a spirit of “omotenashi” (hospitality). With rich natural resources and good weather condition all through the year, Noboribetsu offers comfortable lifestyle.

Noboribetsu Facts&Figures (As of September 2014)

Population & demographyNoboribetsu pop

Population:  50,657  

Male: 24,154 / Female: 26,503 

No. of household: 25,051






temperatureLand & Climate

Land area: 212.21

Average temperature:  7.1℃

Highest temperature: 30.1

Lowest temperature: -15.2

Precipitation: 1463 mm



noboribetsu_industry Dairy farming: Highland region of Noboribetsu is well-suited  for dairy farming and outdoor activities. Locally made full-cream milk, cheese, ice cream, and sausages are among the popular local gourmets and loved by both locals and visitors.
noboribetsu_industry Fishery: Our 3 fishing ports faces the Pacific Ocean and  land fresh calamari, surf clam, Alaska pollack, hairy crab, flatfish, salmon, and more. Sunday morning market near JR Noboribetsu station is always popular. Absolutely heaven for seafood lovers!
noboribetsu_industry Tourism: Noboribetsu is a popular destination for relaxing holiday and fun family time. This is a place to experience the best quality of hot spring in both natural environment and comfortable premises.


Natural symbols of Noboribetsu


Flower: Chrysanthemum

Tree: Oriental Plane Tree (Platanus)

Floweing Tree: Azalea



Our sister & friendship cities

Shiroishi, Miyagi 登別市の姉妹・友好都市位置

Our overseas friends:

Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality, Denmark

Saipan, The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China





Reasons why you must visit Noboribetsu

Because this is the best place to...

footbathmust2do unwind in a warm"Onsen" hot spring and go ahhhhh...

  "Onsen" is an icon of Japanese culture. We find every reason to go to "onsen", stress reliever, dating, family holiday, and so on. The minerals in the water have positive therapeutic effects on for example skin disease, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and shoulder, neck and wrist pains, etc. Many visitors have a long holiday and receive the health benefit of "onsen".


must2do explore 3 great theme parks

 Noboribetsu proudly presents 3 amusing and educational parks; Bear Park to learn, observe and feed brown bears, Marine Park NIXE to enjoy the popular penguin parade, Date Jidaimura to time-travel to Samurai and Ninja era! Suitable for families, schools, tour groups.

must2do be among the crowd in the scene of red hot festivalsHell Festival

 Come and join the dancing crowd at the Hell Festival in summer, or get a splash of warm water at Hot Spring Splash Festival in the freezing February. Amongst annual events and festivals, fireworks at the Hell Valley or Port Festival are also very entertatining.

must2do indulge the beauty of the Toya-Shikotsu National Park

 Walk, feel, and smell in the natural forest, or on the greenery highland, or along the shoreline of the Pacific. Many places have unique natural setup and look totally different from the typical Hokkaido images which you often see in your guidebook; red rocky "Hell Valley", boiling "Oyunuma" lake, bright green  grassland looking over the blue Pacific, school of chum salmon swimming back home river in reverse flow, and more!



For the detailed information, please visit Noboribetsu Tourist Association Website >> English  Korean Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese


How to get here

JR Hokkaido train and Donan/Chuo bus are the main public transportation for visitors. Also many visitors prefer to drive for more flexibility.   

From New Chitose AirportWhereabout Noboribetsu

 Approx. 40 minutes by JR express train, Limosine bus, or drive via Hokkaido Expressway.

From Sapporo

Approx. 1hour10minutes by JR express train, 2 hours by limosine bus.

For a driver:

If you drive on Hokkaido Expressway, get off at exit 9 for "onsen" (hot spring) and theme park and at exit 10 for business and residential area.


Links to JR Hokkaido's timetable: English Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Korean

Links to New Chitose Airport website:  English Korean  Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese 


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