To potential visitors to Noboribetsu

公開日 2020年04月27日

To potential visitors to Noboribetsu,


Thank you so much for your visiting and choosing our city as your destination.

Today, we are very sorry to inform you that we had 6th and 7thnewly infected patients of COVID-19 in Noboribetsu.

We assume that many of you are considering to refrain from outings for non-essential reasons during a state of emergency term until 6th of May.

Actually, this is our strong request to all of you to refrain coming to Noboribetsu city including Noboribetsu Onsen and Karurusu Onsen areas during the upcoming Golden Week holidays until 6th of May.


Major sight-seeing spots such as Jigokudani and Sengen Park have already been closed as well as all the theme parks, shops and restaurants in the area.


We heartily appreciate your understanding and cooperation for our essential steps to protect your lives and ours as well.


27th of April, 2020


Noboribetsu City Mayor

Haruichi Ogasawara


総務部 秘書広報グループ